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Pro Line Marking can accommodate any linemarking you may require, no job too small, too fiddly or too big.

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Line Marking

We offer a full service of line marking and safety marking services.


We can repair bitumen and old faded line markings.

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An Introduction to Our Business

no job too small, too fiddly or too big

Pro Line Marking has been established since 2004. Our premises are located at Salisbury and we service the Queensland and Northern New South Wales.Our business is owner operated and we employ the best experienced team available, some of our team have over 30 years combined experience in the linemarking industry.

We provide all linemarking materials and products in a range of colours. All works are carried out to the relative Australian standard with reference to RTA & MUCD requirements. We are a business that constantly strives for excellence and best practise utilising the best products and techniques for Line Marking. We aim to excel in our level of workmanship. We carry all insurances required including a $20,000,000.00 Public Liability policy. Our business maintains an occupational health & safety program in line with Work Cover, which includes employees, trained and certified to work on roadways and job sites.

We specialize in road linemarking, sports courts (grass & concrete), production, warehousing, multi & single level car parks, hospitals, commercial premises. We can also supply and fit various types of raised pavement markers, speed bumps, signage, & non-slip surfaces.

Pro Line Marking can accommodate any linemarking you may require, no job too small, too fiddly or too big.


  • Template numbers and letters exist - however we can also do made to order lettering and numbering.


  • All types and sizes of arrows to suite - straight/curved etc

Carpark Lines

  • From straight car bay lines to tight curves for traffic flow.

Safety Zones

  • Factories and areas that could be dangerous for the public - create safe walkways - or alternatively create zones just for forklifts. Walkways, Crosshatching, Legs, Keep Clear

No Parking

  • Painted to suit circumstances e.g. No Parking, No Parking Zones, Tow Away

Disabled Parking

  • Painted Disabled Parking Picture


  • Sheets/Stencils - stencilled signs that is formulated to provide superior skid resistance, reflectivity and longevity for road signs

Non-Slip Surfaces

  • Crossings and walk areas can be painted with Non Slip Paint


  • Fading signs need to be restored

Bitumen Repair

  • When bitumen is starting to crack and erode - repair before it becomes a pothole


  • When the crack becomes a crater - repair before you need to replace the whole section

Speed Bumps

  • Slow traffic through car parks and clearly highlight them to alert traffic

Wheel Stops

  • Wheel Stops are used in car parks to prevent damage to buildings, pathways, garden beds and other vehicles.

Road Reflectors (Cat's Eyes)

  • Varying Styles & Colours

Customers Said:

  • We have used Pro Line Marking for two of our shopping centre developments in Brisbane area, and both times they have exceeded our expectations in speed, quality of workmanship and efficiency of all work carried out. We can highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for experts in linemarkings and speedbump installations."

    P Robertson, Brisbane.

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